Conference Speaker Profile

Omoyemen Lucia Odibie-Emmanuel

Name: Omoyemen Lucia Odibie-Emmanuel

Professional Title: Lecturer

Affiliation: Nigerian Law school

Country: Nigeria

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Horizontal And Vertical Collaborations For Clinic Sustainability
  • Methodologies And Strategies For Measuring And Monitoring The Social Impact Of Legal Clinics

Short Bio: Omoyemen Lucia Odigie-Emmanuel is a lecturer at the Nigeria Law School and the President of the Centre for Human Rights and Climate Change Research. She holds a post graduate degree in law. Her passion is mentoring in a bid to promote access to justice, climate justice and sustainable development. She participates in the post 2015 development process and future climate discuss. She engages the post 2015 development agenda by contributing to work on developing civil society statements and reactions during the post 2015 development process including the open Work Group activities. She is also involved in other connected processes like preparatory activities leading up to the just concluded Financing for Development Conference (FFD3). At the FFD conference she was panelist in a side event organized by the Centre for human Rights and Climate Change Research. She was a panelist at the Africa Feminist Forum on FFD. She presented the Africa women's statement at the Africa's regional Forum on sustainable development/9th Committee on Sustainable Development and was Africa Region speaking representative at the President of the General Assembly Interaction with Civil Society, Sept 2014. She is also involved in advocacy for data revolution and climate resilience. She is also the Coordinator of the Yenagoa Law Clinic and responsible for Clinicians Induction Course. She has also contributed to several journals and books.

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