Conference Presenter Profile

Muhammed Hillo

Name: Muhammed Hillo

Professional Title: Lecturer in Law

Affiliation: Jimma University college of Law and Governance, school of law

Country: Ethiopia

Title of Presentation(s):

  • The Role of Jimma University Legal Clinic in Promoting Access to Justice: The Practices and Challenges

Short Bio: Muhammed is a legal professional who has been working for over nine years as a legal consultant, university lecturer, researcher, and Director of the free legal aid center. He holds Bachelor of law degree from Hawassa University, Ethiopia ,2007 and masters of Business law from Addis Ababa University, Ethiopia in 2014. He has been a Volunteer in providing pro Bono legal service to the needy and vulnerable members of the community at Jimma university legal aid center since 2008, especially by focusing on the basic rights of the women and children during divorce, rights of disabled person, basic human rights, and prisoner’s rights. He was Vice director for service provision and quality management of Jimma university legal aid center from September 2015- April 2016. Currently, he teaches different law courses, do research, and serve as legal aid director of the University. As a director of legal aid, his key responsibilities are providing and supervise the provision of community services rendered by center in which the law school students are involved in different phases, organizing the volunteers, soliciting the fund and working in collaboration with stakeholders.

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