Conference Presenter Profile

Marta Skrodzka

Name: Marta Skrodzka

Professional Title: Professor

Affiliation: University of Bialystok, Poland

Country: Poland

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Teaching legal ethics to break down walls: How teaching legal ethics can empower students and lawyers to strengthen and improve the legal systems in which we work (and some ways to do just that)
  • The Need of Balance (or Imbalance ?) of Different Teaching Methodologies in the Context of Legal Education Reform. Polish example

Short Bio: Marta J. Skrodzka holds a doctoral degree in law and is an associate professor as well as Director of a Legal Clinic at University of Bialystok, Poland. She teaches Polish Corporate Law, EU & US Corporate Law and ADR methods. Professor Skrodzka is the recipient of Senior Fulbright Award (2017) in residence at CUA Columbus School of Law as well as the Kosciuszko Foundation and PILI scholarship (2006) in residence at Columbia University School of Law to conduct research in USA. She has 12 years of full time teaching experience, both in English and Polish, of European and American students, is author and co-author of nearly 70 publications and was a guest speaker and active participant of almost 30 international, national conferences and lectures. Professor Skrodzka is an international mediator (Poland and Lithuania) and arbitrator (Lithuania), a trainer and an expert in ADR, Clinical Legal Education, Commercial and Corporate Law.

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