Conference Presenter Profile

Basavanagouda Shivaraj	 Patil

Name: Basavanagouda Shivaraj Patil

Professional Title: Founding Director

Affiliation: Access to Justice Index™

Country: India

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Access to Justice Index: 2018 Global Rankings

Short Bio: Basavanagouda Patil (Basvan) graduated from the National Law School, India majoring in Law. Being a Convenor of the Legal Services Clinic at Law School, Basvan was instrumental in devising social justice projects and engaging with different actors in implementation of legal policies; access-to-Justice being the common theme through which these projects were devised. During his tenure, policy implementation reports concerning Juvenile Justice, Consumer Protection and Legal Education policies were published and submitted to the Government and other stakeholders. These empirical reports have further led to filing of several social action litigations (PIL's) at the High Court of Karnataka, India. Basvan has an exceptional track record of working directly with the Juvenile Justice Board in Bangalore, India which is responsible for adjudicating matters relating to children in conflict with law. Upon graduation, Basvan won the prestigious Justice-Makers Fellowship 2014 awarded by the International Bridges to Justice (IBJ) at Geneva, Switzerland in recognition of his project on Children and Access to Justice. During Basvan's tenure, the Legal Aid Clinic won the annual MacJannet International Prize for the year 2014 and was invited as a student leader to present at the Talloires Network Leaders Conference, Cape Town. At National Law School, Basvan was a recipient of Mrs. Madhu Bhasin Gold Medal for his contributions towards clinical legal aid and access-to-justice projects [both as part of university-student-civic engagements]. He has also been presented with the National Level Best Law Student Award for 2014 awarded by SILF-MILAT. Basvan is currently the Founding-Director of Access to Justice Index™, that aims to improve the access-to-justice situation, and to further the cause of the legal aid-pro bono/low bono movements worldwide, through, inter alia, a country-specific rankings-based Index, aimed at holistically evaluating a nation’s effectiveness in providing access to its legal resources and justice-dispensation mechanisms, especially to the most vulnerable sections of the society.

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