Conference Presenter Profile

Octavio Azevedo

Name: Octavio Azevedo

Professional Title: Project Manager

Affiliation: Instituto Pro Bono

Country: Brazil

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Access to Justice Index: 2018 Global Rankings

Short Bio: Graduated in Law from the University of São Paulo and MSc candidate in Philosophy and Theory of Law at the same institution with the thesis "Rawls and the political hate speech: a critical analyisis of the right to freedom of expression in the political conception of justice", Octavio managed Departamento Jurídico XI de Agosto as president of the organization, runned entirely by law students providing free legal counseling for vulnerable people in the city of São Paulo. Since 2014, Octavio works as Project Manager of Instituto Pro Bono, planning and developing the organization's projects, including their execution. He is in charge of running Instituto's clearinghouse, dedicated to helping non profits to receive free legal counseling, and of the organization's legal task forces, in which voluntary lawyers offer free legal advice to people in vulnerable locations.

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