Conference Presenter Profile

Cheryl Milne

Name: Cheryl Milne

Professional Title: Executive Director

Affiliation: David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, University of Toronto

Country: Canada

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Supportive Ally or Academic Busybody? - how one clinical legal education program attempts to further social justice initiatives

Short Bio: Cheryl Milne is the Executive Director of the David Asper Centre for Constitutional Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto. She was called to the Ontario Bar in 1987 and completed her M.S.W. at University of Toronto in 1991. She practised at the legal clinic Justice for Children and Youth from 1991 to 2008 where she appeared at all levels of court on behalf of young people. There she conducted Charter litigation at the Supreme Court of Canada including the challenge to the corporal punishment defence in the Criminal Code, the striking down of the reverse onus sections of the Youth Criminal Justice Act for adult sentencing, and an intervention involving the right of a capable adolescent to consent to her own medical treatment. She has represented the Asper Centre at the Supreme Court of Canada in R. v. Conway, the jury vetting appeals, R v Kokopenace and was co-counsel for the Centre in the Trial Lawyers of British Columbia v British Columbia (Attorney General). She is the past Chair of the Ontario Bar Association, Constitutional, Civil Liberties and Human Rights Section and is on the CBA National Constitutional and Human Rights law Section executive and Chairs the CBA Children’s Law Committee. She teaches Constitutional Advocacy at the Faculty of Law, University of Toronto.

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