Conference Presenter Profile

Yuliana Mikhalchuk

Name: Yuliana Mikhalchuk

Professional Title: Student-consultant at legal clinic

Affiliation: Brest State University

Country: Belarus

Title of Presentation(s):

  • Professional orientation as an important area of work of the legal clinic

Short Bio: I am studying at Law Faculty of the Brest State University. Also, I am a member of the “Legal Clinic” laboratory. My duties include reception of citizens and working on interactive lessons. I have 2 publications and I took part in several conferences. I am taking part in the “Specialist assistant” program and I’d like to share experiences with GAJE members. The program is being tested at the Brest State University. It involves students of 2, 3 and 4 courses into the process of formation and development of professional, practical competence, which allows to combine academic, social, professional competencies for solving problems in the sphere of professional activities of a lawyer. Studying the discipline "specialist assistant", involves the acquisition of knowledge in the field of competence, the powers of the investigator, lawyer, judge, notary, realtor. The problems of the development of law enforcement institutions are considered. The "specialist assistant" course is designed to instill practical skills of students in their work and to form a system of views, beliefs and principles underlying their future specialty and to provide a conscious, creative and proactive approach to solve professional problems.

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