Title: How an idea can become a reality – clinical sustainability lessons from Poland to the world.

Lead Presenter: Filip Czernicki


  1. Izabela Krasnicka

Session Abstract: Structure and content of the session: PART I. Introductory presentation (20 minutes): Short history of the clinical legal education program in Poland on the 15th anniversary of the Legal Clinics Foundation covering the following topics: a. when and how clinics in Poland have been established b. when and why Polish Legal Clinics Foundation was founded c. what has the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation achieved so far d. what is the future of the legal clinics’ movement in Poland PART II. Workshop with participants’ involvement (45 minutes) Lessons to be learned: a. sustainability through „idea marketing” b. sustainability through cooperation with bar associations c. sustainability through cooperation with law schools’ authorities d. sustainability through fundraising and funding e. sustainability through standardization f. sustainability through training g. sustainability through publication products and know how spread h. sustainability through forum building – regular conferences i. sustainability through continuation (pro-bono program, pro-bono lawyer contest, clinics in law school rankings) PART III. Results of the workshop (20 minutes) Short summary of the group work presenting lessons learned. Description of the session: This presentation & workshop directly addresses the theme of Stream 3: How Can A Law Clinic Be Sustainable? It provides an overview of the 15 years of experience of the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation that eagered, supported, promoted and assisted to sustain for the majority of the Polish legal clinics and their programs. Participants will be able to come up with their own ideas for the mechanisms providing for the sustainability of the clinical programs based on the actual lessons learned in Poland but happening to be lessons adequate for other parts of the world. The startegies carried out by the Polish Legal Clinics Foundation and by individual clinics in Poland proved to be successful and right for the on-going development and recognition of the clinical programs as essential componets of the legal education in Poland.

Session Material:

  1. Polish Legal Clinics Foundation basic report ENG

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