Title: Resolving Labor Disputes Through Law Clinics and Pro Bono Legal Funds: The View from Qatar University College of Law

Lead Presenter: Mohammed Mattar


  1. Lisa Dewey

Session Abstract: The purpose of this session is to introduce a unique model of representing foreign employees in their labor disputes in accordance with the Qatari Legal System. These disputes may include end of employment compensation, abusive termination of employment, unpaid salaries and violations of other terms of employment contracts. The Law Clinic at Qatar University College of Law has forged an alliance with prominent law firms, asking them to donate certain hours per year to contribute to a pro-bono legal fund that has been established for the first time in the country. Once the Law Clinic receives an individual complaint it utilizes these hours in offering legal advice, including representing the employees in courts or other means of resolving the labor dispute. The session will engage the audience in several ways, especially inquiring into models of pro-bono legal work in different countries and sharing cases that have been resolved through the good work of a law clinic and pro-bono lawyers.

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