Title: Using the Principles of “Giving Voice to Values” to Help Students Promote Social Justice

Lead Presenter: Paula Galowitz


  1. Catherine Klein
  2. Kendall Kerew
  3. Leah Wortham
  4. Lisa Bliss
  5. Ulrich Stege

Session Abstract: The focus of this session is on “Giving Voice to Values” (GVV), which refers to a system, well-developed in business and other fields of professional ethics but only beginning to be applied to legal education. GVV helps students identify their values, consider what holds them back from acting on them, identify alternative strategies to consider acting consistent with values, and practice “exercising value muscles” such that graduates will be more willing to act and be effective in acting on values in situations that arise in practice as well as while still law students. The principles of GVV can also help students promote social justice. Each participant in the session will understand GVV and will take away ideas for how to implement the GVV approach in their teaching and work with students to promote social justice.

Session Material:

  1. HO4 Key Self Assessment Questions
  2. HO3 GVV Chapters wtih Core Concepts
  3. GVV ValuesCardsTemplate with Intro GAJE FINAL
  4. GUIDELINES FOR PEER COACHING from Mary Gentile Giving Voice to Values How to Speak Your Mind When You Know Whats Right
  5. GVV PP for Mexico NO NOTES without last two slides
  6. GVV Participant Agenda GAJE Mexico with scenarios Take Aways and Bibliography FINAL

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