Title: Academy and civil society in the construction and strengthening Disappeared People’s rights.

Lead Presenter: Irene Spigno



Session Abstract: The disappearance of people in Mexico is a complex phenomenon, that has brought to the missing of thousands of people. Different factors such as the almost complete control of the organized crime in different areas of the country, the war between different criminal groups, as well as the complicity of some State agents, complemented with the lack of public policies to assist and eliminate the problem have caused a total neglect of it, all of which doesn’t damage the rights of the missing person only, but also those of their families. According to the latest information available in the National Registration of Lost or Missing Persons, Coahuila is one of the ten federative entities with the most incidence in the disappearance of people. For this reason, in the State of Coahuila a synergy between the government, the civil society and the academy has been built, proposing and implementing different policies and activities. Among the most relevant activities done so far, there is the implementation of mechanisms between the three parties (Government, civil society and academy), whose objective is to know the perspective and the needs of the missing persons’ families. The information obtained has been considered in the making of public policies focused on the attention of the missing persons’ phenomenon. The project the Inter-American Academy of Human Rights is presenting, pretends to consolidate the synergy between the previously mentioned parties, with the objective of strengthen their collaboration, as well as establishing new bonds with other associations of the civil society dedicated to the searching and finding of missing people, and the attention to the struggles created in the family environment of the Disappeared People. This presentation is meant to show the experience of the State of Coahuila in the elaboration of public policies headed to the attention of the Disappeared People’s phenomenon, in order to work as a model for other federal entities. In this context, public University is the main promoter of such practices, generating with this, in students as well as in professor and society in general, the visibilization about the problem and therefore it represents the road to finally achieve an adequate and integral attention to the Disappeared People and their families.

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