Title: International collaboration through 'virtual' research projects - benefits, challenges and opportunities.

Lead Presenter: Catherine Campbell


  1. Nikki Walsh

Session Abstract: Research projects undertaken ‘virtually’ by law students in developed countries provide an opportunity for these students to support NGOs, community organisations and lawyers working in developing countries. The students develop skills and understanding of global human rights issues whilst also providing valuable pro bono support. These students have access to databases and resources which are often not available in developing countries. They also learn about the challenges in overseas jurisdictions and develop their understanding of international work opportunities as well as the value of pro bono work. In addition to providing support, students also develop awareness of social justice issues, particularly those with global significance. Case study examples will be used to explore the challenges and benefits of virtual research projects for students, the project partner, academic supervisor and the university.

Session Material:

  1. GAJE Conference 2017 Presentation Notes _FINAL

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