Title: The Role of Jimma University Legal Clinic in Promoting Access to Justice: The Practices and Challenges

Lead Presenter: Muhammed Hillo



Session Abstract: Peoples’ rights to Human Rights in general and rights to due process and fair hearing in particular should not depend on the depth of his or her pocket.Jimma University School of Law Legal Aid Center was established in 2008 G.C to bridge the gap between access to justice and indigence. Equally affected are women, children, prison inmates, HIV/AIDS victims and veterans who are unable to seek and enforce their constitutional rights. Although such centers was established in developed world long ago, it is the first of its kind in Southwestern Ethiopia.From its' establishment to date the center managed to reach tens of thousands of needy people using law students and volunteers. This has not been without challenges. There has been many challenges to the promotion of access to justice. Some of the impediments are the busy schedule the students and the supervisor have, transportation and infrastructures and case loads. It is therefore essential to look at the experience of others so that these challenges can be minimized

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