Title: Collaborating to Use Technology to Teach Students Skills, Values and Knowledge

Lead Presenter: Marcia Levy


  1. Carwina Weng
  2. Elena Abrosimova
  3. Irina Lukianova
  4. Katya Osipova

Session Abstract: In this interactive workshop, the presenters will showcase their four year collaboration that included four US and four Russian law faculties working together to create a culture of best practices in education, including attention to student learning, client-centered lawyering, and professional values. The workshop will explore how they created interactive teaching methodologies and practical skills education, with an emphasis on the use of innovative technology, including use of cellphone videos, hybrid books, on-line courses and the flipped classroom model. There will also be a discussion of different learning styles, visual and kinesthetic and how to address those through technology.

Session Material:

  1. LEX Presentation 2017_Marcia and Yegor_3 1

See full list of abstracts here.