Title: The Need For the Internationalization of Clinical Legal Education; "A case study of the African Continent"

Lead Presenter: Thomas Fuad Touray



Session Abstract: The paper aims to present a discourse analysis and explore the need for the internalization of Clinical Legal Education as a vehicle for effective and efficient promotion of access to justice and Human Rights in Africa. The basic premise is that Clinical Legal Education in general, and its international dimension in particular, can play a central role in strengthening and sustaining Africa’s growth; particularly with respect to advancing progress towards achieving sustainable development and Human Rights. It seeks to explain the need for the internationalization of Clinical Legal Education in Africa and how it can be seen to have a long and rather troubled history. However, it is equally important to see internationalization as a contemporary process aiming to contribute to human, social, cultural and economic development of communities and nations of Africa. Through strengthening the international dimension of teaching Clinical Legal Education, research, community outreach, and engagement with partners in the region and abroad, Clinical Legal Education is an important agent of change and development. It then analyses African countries, Clinical legal education and its relation to community goals which have often been insufficiently appreciated. Attempts to meet the challenges of globalization in Africa are hampered by the prevailing economic conditions, which are exacerbated by structural adjustment programs that are in place in almost all African countries. Worldwide, there has been a significant expansion of Clinical legal education in both the amount of knowledge and the number of new specialized fields of knowledge with which lawyers have to deal. Both practicing and academic Lawyers throughout Africa are faced with a body of knowledge that is made more complex by interdisciplinary perspectives on law, and an increased importance of knowing foreign legal systems in an ever-increasingly interdependent world. The question that then arises is: how can law schools best prepare their graduates to practice law in this new world without borders?. Therefore, there is a need for the internalization of Clinical Legal Education in Africa.

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