Title: Clinical Experiences For All Law Students?

Lead Presenter: Jeff Giddings



Session Abstract: This presentation considers the challenges and opportunities involved for a law school and its clinical program where all students are given the chance or required to successfully complete a clinical experience as part of their studies. It will start with a facilitated discussion of what types of learning experiences and environments would meet the definition of a 'clinical experience' for this purpose. Issues here relate to the the nature of the work undertaken, the intensity of the experience, its duration, the site used, the supervision provided, the reflective component, any classroom component and so on. Small groups and pair and share techniques will be used to consider the issues raised by mandatory participation from multiple perspectives - including the clients, the students, the law school, the clinical teachers, the university and the legal professional regulators. The session will also address different ways in which a 'clinic for all' opportunity could be implemented.

Session Material:

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