Title: (De)motivators of using interactive methods

Lead Presenter: Luba Krasnitskaya



Session Abstract: The outcomes of higher legal education depend on various factors including but not limited to student’s capacity, teaching methods, learning materials and academics. Although the role of academic staff in the higher education is less crucial than in the primary or secondary education, the teaching competences are the core of the social justice education. Within the doctoral research 40 law academics in Poland and Belarus were interviewed, about 20 of them are clinical supervisors. At the GAJE session I will share the results of the survey and discuss with participants the following questions: How do law academics develop their teaching competences with the focus on methodology? Why do/don’t law professors apply interactive teaching methods in regular (non-clinical) lectures? How does clinical experience affect the teaching competences? What teaching methods enable to sharpen the sensivity of law students to the social justice issues?

Session Material:

  1. gaje 2017 Luba Krasnitskaya

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