Title: Breaking Down Walls on the Road to Democracy: Using Justice Education to Enhance the Understanding of Democracy in Transitional Societies

Lead Presenter: David McQuoid-Mason


  1. Seda Gayretli Aydin

Session Abstract: The presentation will include a short introduction to democracy education in South Africa and Turkey and its link to social justice followed by an interactive ‘Road to Democracy’ exercise in the Democracy for All manual in which all participants will be divided into groups of five and will be required to draw a road to their ‘perfect democracy’. This will take up most of the time. The objectives of the session are for participants to learn how interactive clinical teaching methods can be used to promote a better understanding of how the democratic process works in transitional societies and for citizens to be alerted to the dangers that threaten young democracies.

Session Material:

  1. GAJE 2017 Mexico Breaking Down Walls Democracy Exercise

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