Title: The implementation of the clinical model of public interest from a concrete situation: human trafficking.

Lead Presenter: Héctor Pérez Rivera


  1. Amalia Cruz Rojo

Session Abstract: The magnitude of the crime and social problematic generated by gender violence and human trafficking justify the importance of creating a Public Interest Clinic against Human Trafficking, open not only for law students but also form other professional areas. The ITAM Public Interest Clinic against Human Trafficking is a space meant for the clinical teaching of Law which attends victims of crime in matters of human trafficking and related gender violence, with the goal of generating public and political lobbying, awareness, and academic investigation around legal subjects with gender perspective. Its relevance increases with the fundamental alliances with civil organizations that allows the clinic to grow and increase the sphere of influence. The Clinic finds itself in constant expansion as a reference of analysis and consulting in matters of human trafficking and gender violence within Mexico City, as well as throughout the country and at the broader Latin America level.

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