Title: Innovation, Mass Incarceration, and Clinical Education

Lead Presenter: Zina Makar


  1. Colin Starger

Session Abstract: Makar and Starger co-founded the Pretrial Justice Clinic (PTJC) at the University of Baltimore School of Law in Fall 2016. Based in the heart of Baltimore City, the clinic engages students in opposing a major driver of mass incarceration – the unjust pretrial detention of poor people accused of crimes in Maryland. The session will use the PTJC as a point of departure for discussions on similar initiatives that other U.S. and international clinicians may wish to explore. Makar and Starger will share their experiences on how to create a sustainable clinical model that operates both to serve individual clients and advocate for policy reform. This session will therefore address the methodology behind “client-policy” clinical pedagogy as well as the goals of teaching within this clinical model. Through discussion, we will identify challenges and potential solutions to this pedagogy and practice. We will also collectively consider ways the PTJC model might be replicated or would need to be changed or modified in order to address the fight against mass incarceration in other regions.

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