Title: Crafting Justice through Clinical Legal Education

Lead Presenter: Jane Schukoske


  1. Abhayraj Naik
  2. Anna Cody
  3. Chipo Mushota Nkhata
  4. Olugbenga Oke-Samuel
  5. Purvi Pokhariyal
  6. Vandana

Session Abstract: To set the stage for discussion of experiential education for human rights and social change, educators and practitioners will briefly (30 min) provide examples of their work on prisoners’ rights and freedom of information act advocacy in Nigeria, trial advocacy in Zambia, environmental advocacy and rural legal empowerment work in India, among others. The session builds on an earlier conference, https://craftingjustice.wordpress.com/. Small groups (20 min) will discuss themes of great importance to GAJE: 1. Experiential Education and the Community: How does one articulate learning-outcomes in contexts where learners’ interests are not necessarily aligned with community interests? 2. Training Experiential Educators: What should be our guiding principles while creating/designing programs for training justice-oriented experiential educators? 3. Role of the University: What should the role of the university be regarding setting standards for legal aid clinics, providing support, and academic freedom/autonomy? To focus on future collaboration, small groups (20 min) will select a second topic such as: A. How should we design the substantive vision and the enabling architecture of an interdisciplinary justice education network? How can we build sustainable networks for sharing information, expertise and resources? B. Considering that educators and practitioners are often outsiders to the local community, how should options be developed about legitimate interventions aimed at justice? What are the ethical challenges of maintaining the delicate balance between doing justice and facilitating learning? C. What kind of transformation – internal/self or external/other – should experiential justice education aim to bring about? In a closing plenary (20 minutes), participants will share key highlights.

Session Material:

  1. CraftingJusticePanelGAJE BackgroundNotes05122017
  2. Discussion questions for Crafting Justice Dec 5 2017
  3. moral dilemas of teaching trial advocacy journal of legal education
  4. Presentation for GAJE Using Trial Advoacy as a Tool for protecting rights of vulnerable groups and teaching CLE

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