Title: Protecting NGOs – Transactional Representation, Advocacy and Social Enterprise

Lead Presenter: Barbara Schatz


  1. Filip Czernicki
  2. Jane Schukoske
  3. Marcia Levy

Session Abstract: Governments throughout the world are making it difficult for NGOs to function effectively – a problem often described as β€œthe closing space for civil society.” Tactics include legal and bureaucratic harassment, restrictions on the ability of NGOs to accept funds from foreign donors, and vilification of NGOs in order to diminish public support for them. Human rights and social justice NGOs are particular targets. The goal of this session will be to explore ways in which law school clinics and pro bono lawyers can help NGOs to survive under these conditions. Among other strategies, we will explore new business models for NGOs and try to assess their usefulness in some of the many countries that have adopted restrictions.

Session Material:

  1. GAJE Mexico PPT Presentation Dec 5

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