Title: Collaboration and Innovation: How can GAJE Better Facilitate Communication Among Justice Educators Worldwide?

Lead Presenter: Frank Bloch


  1. Bharti Yadav
  2. Odinakaonye Lagi

Session Abstract: Among the most commonly identified goals of professional organizations is to create opportunities for sharing information and experience among members active in the same profession. This should be the case with GAJE as well. From the beginning, GAJE’s Steering Committee and other members active in the organization have been pushing for a more active communications strategy to serve as a catalyst for collaboration among justice educators and innovation in justice education worldwide. The purpose of this session is to develop a new, viable strategic communications plan for GAJE with an emphasis on supporting collaboration and innovation among GAJE members. After a brief overview of GAJE’s communications history, the participants will join one of three break-outs on strengthening communication with and among members, outreach to the public, and resources and implementation. The session will end with a critique of a proposed draft communications strategy, informed by the three break-out discussions. Participants will also be encouraged to join the Communications Committee in implementing the new plan.

Session Material:

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