Title: Cross-Border Clinical Collaboration to Provide Legal Aid and Advocacy for Asylum Seekers

Lead Presenter: Elba Yanett Coria Marquez


  1. Barbara Hines
  2. Denise Gilman
  3. J. Anna Cabot

Session Abstract: The workshop will provide an opportunity to share experiences, challenges and good practices regarding the work of university law clinics in the protection and legal defence of the human rights of refugees, asylum seekers and other migrants in need of protection. Justice educators, practitioners and students in law clinics are a valuable legal resource to eradicate obstacles and improve the protection of refugees and asylum seekers. They also have the potential to impact systemic policies and structures to guarantee greater access to the asylum process and respect for the human rights of migrants. In order to reach common goals on refugee concerns, the session will seek for stimulating further collaborations between educators and law clinics, looking beyond our national legal and social frameworks to a more regional or global collaboration and network

Session Material:

  1. Fernando Mariu00f1o Recent jurisprudence of the CAT and the International Protection of Refugees 2015
  2. David Cantor Forced displacement caused by organized crime in Central America and Mexico 2014
  3. CLEA_best_practices full
  4. Access to Justice and the Global Clinical Movement
  5. Overcoming_cultural_blindness
  6. jwakahiuplenary
  7. SELA12_Silk_CV_Eng_20120424

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