Title: How to treat sexual harassment and gender violence in UNAM's Faculty of Law

Lead Presenter: Esmeralda Flores Marcial


  1. Mayra Alexandra Ortiz Ocaña

Session Abstract: This presentation will review the issues we address within our network Alza la Voz, which are sexual harassment and gender violence at the Law School of the National Autonomous University of México, UNAM. The main objective of this presentation is to raise awareness of the situation of gender violence that many female students, employees and professors are victims of, exposing the gravity of the problem, since this Law School is the most important one in México, and therefore also where most of the legal operators of the country come from. The session will start with an overview of the gender violence in México, continued by a general picture of the violence in the university. Afterwards, we will share the context behind the creation of the network Alza la Voz, as well as the actions we have taken so far against gender violence. Within this section, we will discuss the existing mechanisms to fight this form of violence and the problems regarding those mechanisms. Lastly, we will propose strategies to address this problem and analyze the present and future of the project. We hope to receive feedback from similar experiences from the rest of the presenters and participants in GAJE.

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