Title: New initiatives in community partnerships and applied technology

Lead Presenter: Hugh McFaul


  1. Kate Bandy
  2. Rosa Amilli Guzmán Pérez
  3. Sara Stendahl

Session Abstract: This session will offer a comparative exploration of the challenges and opportunities faced by clinicians in setting up new justice education initiatives in distinct higher education environments. The session will highlight two key issues: developing partnership projects with community organisations and the use of applied technologies (including Moocs and Virtual Reality Applications). The presenters will challenge the audience to consider how technology can be harnessed to develop the justice education agenda and bridge the gap between the law school and the wider community. For those planning to attend this session please download the Open Justice VR mobile app to your smart phone in advance of the session. It is available to download for free on the Apple and Android app stores. Search for 'Open Justice VR' - A number of VR headsets will be available in the session for participants to test the VR app.

Session Material:

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