Title: The benefits of interdisciplinary collaboration on legal pedagogy and the promotion of community social justice – a case study: Tulane University’s collaboration between criminal law clinic and psychiatry department

Lead Presenter: Katherine Mattes



Session Abstract: At Tulane University, the law school Criminal Justice Clinic and the Forensic Psychiatry Department have developed a collaboration to improve the criminal justice landscape for the mentally ill within the state of Louisiana. This collaboration involves cross-disciplinary training, service delivery, case collaboration, legislative advocacy and community outreach. The presentation will describe the collaboration, and the benefits and challenges from a pedagogical as well as community perspective. We will then break into small groups to brainstorm ways that an interdisciplinary/law school collaboration might improve both legal pedagogy as well as promote social justice in our home communities; we will try to identify potential collaborators, i.e. other university programs, community service providers, etc., and consider establishing goals for that collaboration, such as community education, delivery of services or law reform. To conclude, we will share some of the ideas and concerns that were raised during the brainstorming.

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