Title: Creating Learning by Creating Images

Lead Presenter: Mahak Rathee


  1. Nishit Shah

Session Abstract: A Social Awareness Campaign was started by the above-mentioned presenters, called “Breaking Stereotypes”. The main motto of this campaign is to create images with quotes which will make people pause and ponder over the small acts of discrimination that happen in their life. The basic question is how the ‘learning’ happens? Under this project, students were asked to create a quote, which is unique, clear and having brevity. All the students had taken the task ardently and enthusiastically. They had also gone through voluminous ideas and problems before creating quotes and clicking pictures.In addition to this, some of the pictures and quotes reflected more than one meaning and students were forced to see from all the angles. During the whole project, students were benefitted by taking up research work and they had harmonized their mental capacity by creating unique quotes, had tested and discussed the other intellectual components of the same. So the ultimate outcome of the campaign was that numerous students were engaged, unique ideas were presented, research and advocacy skills of the students got improved, the teaching of what was not discussed in books or taught in class.

Session Material:

  1. Presentation Creating Learning

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