Title: Growing Strategic Litigation - preparing the ground and sowing the seeds

Lead Presenter: Richard Lord


  1. Arthur Nsereko
  2. Christopher Mbazira

Session Abstract: This session will look at building partnership between developed and developing countries with a view to maximising opportunities to undertake "strategic" litigation. The essence is exchange of knowledge and experience to build a website and a network of litigators/paralegals. The focus in on Action 4 Justice, a project by an international coalition of lawyers and NGOs. The project will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to social justice, but they include Land issues, Environment, Women's Rights and Corruption. The key is giving practical "how to" advice. The session will be split into three parts each by one presenter (i) the concept of Action 4 Justice and "hub and spoke" websites (ii) challenges for education on strategic litigation in Uganda (iii) opportunities and challenges for co-operation on the project between Uganda and European lawyers

Session Material:

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