Title: Innovations in Justice Education: Entrepreneurship & Policy for the Formerly Incarcerated

Lead Presenter: Madalyn Wasilczuk


  1. Susan Jones

Session Abstract: This session will focus on reentry support provided through clinics in two contexts: Malawi and Washington, D.C., USA. The Cornell Law School International Human Rights Clinic represented Malawian death row inmates as part of the Malawi Capital Resentencing Project. Through the Project, more than 120 previously death-sentenced prisoners were released. This presentation will address what happens when the litigation ends and reentry begins. What role can clinics play in advocating for formerly-incarcerated clients outside the courtroom? The Small Business and Community Economic Development Clinic uses a three-pronged approach to justice education in Washington, D.C., utilizing direct client representation, action research, and student and faculty advocacy. The clinic has applied this model to assist reentering citizens through an action research project on entrepreneurship. Professor Jones will share her insights into the methodology of action research and the lessons she learned while applying the methodology to entrepreneurship for returning citizens in Washington, D.C.

Session Material:

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