Title: A Clinic Still Works

Lead Presenter: Ufuk Aydin



Session Abstract: The preparations to establish a legal clinic in Anadolu University were started in 2011. After some study visits and symposiums organized at the Universty; The Regulation for Anadolu University Law Faculty's Legal Clinic was put into force. After having a legal background, The Clinic tried to insert clinical methods to the classic courses. Besides, The Clinic made negotiations with the administration of the University to give some credits to the courses using clinical methods. Following these efforts, The Clinic, and the Faculty, tried to organize symposiums both on national and international levels. The efforts were made not only for teaching the students but also for teaching the teachers. 8th Gaje and 13th IJCLE General Symposiums were the highest and prestigious events organized by Anadolu University Law Faculty and The Legal Clinic. After these huge events, The Clinic lost some members of the Board and the Director as well which meant a real loss of power. In July 2016 an unsuccessful Coup D'Etat trial was happened in Turkey and an extraordinary political climate was faced. The situation affected the university and The Clinic. But after all, The Clinic still works. The presentation aims to tell about the establishment, regulations, incline and the decline in the power of Anadolu University's Legal Clinic. In conclusion, as The Clinic still works, the presentation will tell about the reasons of the situation and the whole history as well.

Session Material:

  1. A Clinic Still Works

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