Title: Broadcasts for prison's interior radio – new method of teaching in Law Clinics

Lead Presenter: Kamil Mamak



Session Abstract: Student Law Clinic at Jagiellonian University received a new form of activity - interior radio broadcast in prisons. This form allows to diversify activities carried on by the clinic and let her take actions beyond the walls of the university. This activity manifests similarities to the Street Law-type teaching, which allows students to take the role of the teacher, but has also some crucial differences. This method was inspired by one of the Student Law Clinic at Jagiellonian University’s client. He asked us to provide information which will be necessary to prepare broadcast about specific law problem. He wanted to do it by himself. We decided that our students could help him and create more professional content. In my presentation I will present this method and show some difficulties which could happen during it implementation.

Session Material:

  1. Mamak Mexico

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