Name: IoanaTchoukleva

Professional Title: Law Student

Affiliation: UC Berkeley School of Law

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Student-Initiated Clinics and Pro Bono Projects in the US, France, and Germany

Short Bio: Ioana Tchoukleva is a third-year law student at UC Berkeley School of Law, who is deeply committed to using the law as a tool for positive social change. In her second year, she co-founded a legal project called the Post-Conviction Advocacy Project, which trains law students to represent lifers in parole board hearings. She advocated for restorative justice as an alternative way of addressing crime, served as the Law School Vice President of the National Lawyers Guild Bay Area Chapter, acted as an editor on the California Law Review, and contributed to a number of initiatives aimed at assisting students from underrepresented backgrounds. Balancing her domestic social justice work with a commitment to fighting injustice abroad, Ioana launched the International Human Rights Workshop that gave Berkeley Law students an opportunity to provide government and civil society advocates in Liberia with information on how to revise their sexual violence laws.