Name: Sahar Maranlou

Professional Title: Dr.

Affiliation: Lecturer

Country: United Kingdom

Title of Presentation: Justice Education in the Middle East

Short Bio: Dr. Sahar Maranlou is an independent legal scholar. She started working as journalist,writing legal and political columns in Iranian reformist newspapers, after graduating with a law degree. Sahar then joined Iran NGOs Initiative to research on law reform of the third sector. Sahar has worked widly as consultant on women empowerment, law and justice with various national and international organisations including UNICEF, UNDP, Ministry of Interior, Center for Women Partnership Affairs (Presidential Office), Ministry of Agriculture, Iranian NGOs Training Center, etc. In 2006, she started inatiating clinical legal education in Iran by coordinating several national events and most importantly developed the first module at the Unuveristy of Mofid in Qom. She has published over 100 articles in books, journals, and newspapers and has a forthcoming book by Cambridge Univeristy Press titled “Access to Justice in Iran: Women, Perceptions and Reality.”