Title of Presentation : What is the role of the legal clinic, and should it be influenced by the desire to achieve social justice?

Names of all Presenters : Carol Boothby, Sarah Morse

Short Abstract : The UK has historically been slower than other jurisdictions such as USA, Australia and South Africa to develop the fully fledged law clinic, but progress has accelerated over the last 10 years.
The availability of pro bono legal advice, such as that provided by the clinic, is under increasing demand, giving cause to reconsider the role and remit of these legal clinics against the background of changes in the public legal funding system. The driving force at Northumbria University Student Law Office is providing a first class education to students, and a happy consequence is being able to provide legal service to those who cannot afford it. This runs contrary to the ethos of many other clinics both in the UK and elsewhere. Is satisfying the educational needs the appropriate primary role of legal clinic or should it be driven by need to seek to pursue social justice.

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