Title of Presentation : Justice Education for First Year Students at Berkeley Law: The Student-Initiated Legal Services Projects

Names of all Presenters : Tirien Steinbach and David Oppenheimer

Short Abstract : U.S. law students are generally required to wait until the 2L year of law school to enroll in clinics. How then can we introduce first year students to the social justice goals and professional skills associated with service learning?

At Berkeley, most first year students participate in student-initiated legal services projects, volunteer projects that allow them to assist lawyers and legal organizations provide important services to the Berkeley/Oakland community. The projects are staffed by 1L students and run by 2L and 3L students, with supervision and mentoring by volunteer lawyers. Several of the projects are coordinated through our Community Legal Clinic. For example, Berkeley students assist asylum applicants, work with Iraqi refugees, staff two workers’ rights projects, run a reparative justice program, teach basic legal rights to incarcerated children, and act as advocates for foster children with disabilities.

This presentation will report on these projects.

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