Title of Presentation : Feedback, Evaluation, and Grading

Names of all Presenters : Wallace J. Mlyniec

Short Abstract : Clinical teachers acknowledge that evaluation and grading are difficult aspects of their jobs. Teachers must understand the overlapping but distinct concepts of feedback, evaluation, and grading. The purpose of this paper is to describe the differences and interrelationship among the concepts of feedback, evaluation, and grading and to demonstrate how evaluation relates to and leads to grading. When teachers give feedback to students, we intervene into an activity that the student either will perform or has completed. Evaluation is a reflection on those interventions and actions to determine their significance and quality to determine whether lessons from classes, supervision sessions, and performances have been learned and understood. Grading is the process of placing a quantitative measure on that qualitative evaluation. This paper will show how these three concepts interact with one another and give teachers a greater understanding of their interrelationships.

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