Title of Presentation: Bringing Justice to Health Care through Legal Analysis and Film

Names of all Presenters: Judy Overall, Mariana Berbec Rostas, Tamar Dekanosidze, Tamar Ezer, Violeta Zopunyan

Short Abstract: Although health care settings should be places of care, often they are places of human rights violations, particularly when it comes to society’s most marginalized. At the same time, health care providers are unable to provide patients with good care unless their rights are also respected and they enjoy professional independence. The concept of “human rights in patient care” (HRPC) – the application of human rights principles to all stakeholders in the delivery of health care, while placing patients at the center – provides a useful framework for addressing these issues. In nine countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, a network of HRPC advocates has integrated HRPC into courses in law, medicine,and public health faculties and has developed a complementary series of videos and a web-based faculty resource targeting human rights in patient care issues. This interactive session provides tools from the network for bringing justice to health care through legal analysis and film.

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