Name: Daven Dass

Professional Title: Lecturer

Affiliation: University of Witwatersrand

Country: South Africa

Title of Presentation: Trial Advocacy as a Component of the Curriculum of Practical Legal Studies at the University of Wetwatersrand

Short Bio: Daven Dass, currently a lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand, is a practising attorney at the University of Witwatersrand Law Clinic, supervising final year law students in the clinical program. He supervises the General Law Unit which focuses on general civil litigation. He previoulsy supervised the Refugee Law Unit which litigated extensively to give effect to asylum seekers and migrants. Most noteworthy was his involvement in the litigation which secured the first South African travel document for refugees. Daven completed his LLM at Wits, with the research component of his masters focusing on clinical legal education. He is currently serving as an executive member of the South African University Law Clinic Association (SAULCA) which was previously known as (AULAI). Daven is the course director and lecturer for the Legal Education and Development Course held at the University of Witwatersrand.