Name: Lisa Bliss

Professional Title: Director of Experiential Education, Assoc. Clinical Professor

Affiliation: Georgia State University College of Law

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Teaching Social Justice in Large Enrollment Classes; Building Effective Community Partnerships and Creating Innovative Interprofessional Education Collaborations

Short Bio: Professor Bliss has expertise in interdisciplinary education. She is the developer and co-director of an innovative legal clinic that teaches interprofessional collaboration to address the socio-economic determinants of health among students of law, medicine, social work, bioethics and public health. She has published and presented workshops on this model across the United States and internationally. Professor Bliss is also engaged in supporting the development of clinical legal education internationally, and has worked to support clinical legal education initiatives in Thailand, Myanmar and Vietnam. She is co-editor of the forthcoming publication, “Building on Best Practices,” a book that will expand on the developments in legal education since the publication of “Best Practices in Legal Education: A Vision and a Roadmap.” Her publications can be accessed at