Name: Fred Rooney

Professional Title: Director, International Justice Center for Post-Graduate Development

Affiliation: Touro Law Center

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Post-Graduate Support in Legal Education: Incubators and Residency Programs

Short Bio: Fred Rooney has been credited with creating a law school-based incubator model for justice for being a catalyst in the transformation of legal education in the US. The powerful incubator and post-graduate movement he began in legal education in 2007 is forcing law schools to rethink their responsibility to graduates and to the plight of millions of individuals in the US who, for reasons of economics, lack access to justice. His work is innovative and entrepreneurial and is impacting on thousands of people in the US and abroad.  In June 2013, Fred completed a 10-month Fulbright in the Dominican Republic where he launched the first post-graduate legal initiative outside in the Caribbean and in September 2013, the American Bar Journal named Fred a “2013 Legal Rebel” and recognized as “‘the Father of Incubators.” Today, he serves as the director of Touro Law Center’s International Justice Center for Post-Graduate Development.