Name: Leni Widi Mulyani

Professional Title: Lecturer / CLE Program Officer

Affiliation: Clinical Legal Education, Faculty of Law, Pasundan University

Country: Indonesia

Title of Presentation: Beyond Borders: Street Law for Migrant Workers, A Cross-Border Experience Between Two Countries

Short Bio: I am one of the lecturers at Faculty of Law Pasundan University, West Java ,Indonesia. I have been teaching for almost nine years. I teach Comparative Criminal law, International Criminal Law, Criminology, Victimology and juvenile justice system. I have been joining with Clinical Legal Education since 2007 as program officer. I am enjoying my work especially dealing with women and children issue. Domestic worker is also my interest subject. I also love teaching, whether in or out of class. My biggest accomplishment in life is when I went to community, giving legal literacy, the people there know their rights and fight for their rights. In our Program with University of Malaya, Malaysia, Street Law Cross Border Clinic, I am actively involved giving legal literacy for Indonesia migrant workers both in Malaysia and in Indonesia.