Name: Stephen A. Rosenbaum

Professional Title: Senior Lecturer

Affiliation: Univ. of Washington & Univ. of California, Berkeley

Country: United States

Title of Presentation: Those Women Whose Defiance You Have Cause to Fear: Contextual Factors Affecting the Teaching, Learning and Advocacy about Issues of Domestic Abuse in Non-Western Settings

Short Bio: Stephen Rosenbaum, J.D., M.P.P., is Visiting Senior Lecturer at Univ. of Washington, conducting tutorials for international students in clinical methods and workshops abroad. He also teaches human rights advocacy and co-directs a business and human rights clinic. His scholarship is in clinical legal education, international human rights, immigration, rule of law, disability, special education and lay advocacy. Steve is also John & Elizabeth Boalt Lecturer at BerkeleyLaw (social justice skills, civil rights litigation, language/cultural competency, mental health law) and teaches disability rights at StanfordLaw. He previously worked as staff attorney and litigator with various disability rights and legal aid NGOs and a small plaintiffs’ firm. In 2011-12, he served as legal education advisor with ABA Rule of Law Initiative in Cairo, helping create a legal clinic. Steve has also aided clinical efforts in Qatar and has lectured to jurists in West Africa as a State Dept. speaker specialist.