Title of Presentation: Training of Trainers Workshop: Designing Models of Social Justice Clinics

Names of all Presenters: Margaret Barry

Short Abstract: This program will identify strategies for designing four types of clinical programs: in-house clinics; externships; street law clinics; and community lawyering clinics. First, we will discuss basic considerations in designing a clinic — the why, what, who, where, when, and how of clinic design, and provide a framework for considering each clinic type. Next, participants will gather in small groups based on clinic type to identify who your clinics will serve, what preparation students will require to provide such service and the extent to which the program can be sustained. Third, the small groups will report back, providing a chance to consider similarities and differences in clinic planning across the groups. Finally, participants return to their small groups to develop a 2-year business plan. Participants should leave this session able to develop a sound clinical program.

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African Law Clinicians Manual

Clinical Legal Education Curriculum Lessons and Materials

Guide to Designing Experiential Courses