Title of Presentation : Education Reform of Legal Clinic on Responding to Disasters

Names of all Presenters : Cheng Hao

Short Abstract : In May, 2008, there happened the world-shaking Sichuan Wenchuan Earthquake in China, where approximately 90,000 were dead or lost and millions of people became homeless. The unexpected disaster destroyed the original balance and orders, and new legal problems kept springing up one after another. Many of them were new and excluded from the former law clinic course. In view of the above condition, the legal education responding to disasters should come into our insights and be one of the important gradients in legal clinic curriculum system. SWUST Legal Clinic added the relevant legal skills and knowledge responding to disaster to our teaching, and offered students chances to repeatedly experience these abilities in refugee salvation and disaster areas reconstruction in practice.The reform could not only enhance the students legal skills to bring them more work opportunities, but whats more important is they will redefine and understand the notion of justice and fairness.

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