Title of Presentation : The Learner-Centered, Due Process Model of Clinical Supervision: Insights from Street Law in the US and the Czech Republic

Names of all Presenters : Michal Urban, Richard Roe

Short Abstract : When teaching Street Law courses or clinics in general, teachers often struggle to provide appropriate supervision to their law students. Supervision should be, as we all know, adequately critical, learner-centered and motivating for law students. But what does it mean in reality? Based upon American as well as Czech experience, most students enrolled in Street Law courses do remarkably well in schoolsespecially when we consider that they have not received extended pedagogical training other then introduction to Street Law. But does it mean that Street Law teachers should not Street Law students good feeling by providing critical feedback to them? Isn’t it, after all, teachers’ role? What are then the true objectives of successful supervision and how should the teacher fulfil them? We feel that other clinicians might find it valuable to share our views and experiences as well as solutions and successes and join the common debate regarding the successful clinical supervision.

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