Title of Presentation : Street Law Workshop (limited to 30 participants)

Names of all Presenters : Ed O’Brien, David McQuoid-Mason, Bruce Lasky, Wendy Morrish, Richard Roe, Ruth Mestre, Pilar Fernandez Artiach, Richard Grimes

Short Abstract : The Workshop is aimed at introducing participants to the Street Law interactive teaching methods and then giving them an opportunity to use the techniques demonstrated. Part 1 of the Workshop will begin with a brief introduction to Street Law, followed by the rational for using interactive teaching methods. Thereafter participants will brainstorm different interactive teaching methods which will be commented upon by the facilitators. The facilitators will then demonstrate some of the interactive teaching methods used in their different countries with the participants acting as students. Suggestions for what is required of a good Street Law lesson and how to draft a lesson plan will be also be made. Part 1 will end with the participants being divided into five groups of four and invited to prepare the interactive part of a Street Law lesson to last for 30 minutes. Part 2 of the Workshop will involve the participants preparing for their lessons and presenting them in teams of four.

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