Title of Presentation : How can lawyers cooperate with medical doctors? Comments based on the activities of The Medical Law Clinic

Names of all Presenters : Maria Ejchart

Short Abstract : The Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in cooperation with the Warsaw Medical University has established the Law Clinic that deals with complaints from prisoners concerning medical care in penitentiary units. Our intention was to compare and combine different approaches to cases from the lawyers and the doctors perspective. The clinic is also an opportunity to make a comprehensive analysis of cases. Agreeing on the mode of cooperation between law and medical students turned out to be a great challenge. Differences in defining certain notions from the medical and the legal point of view appeared to be a problem. The paper tries to answer whether the cooperation of law and medicine students can be successful and can help inmates on specific issues, and further, whether it can lead to an improvement of the health care system in penitentiary units.

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