Title of Presentation : The Need For Legal Clinic For Young Offenders: A Survey of Young Offenders Prison in Malaysia

Names of all Presenters : Norbani Mohamed Nazeri

Short Abstract : The Community Outreach Programme (COP) Faculty of Law University of Malaya has been running a street law programme with young offenders of Kajang prison for boys since 2007. There are to date, 193 young offenders in Kajang prison, serving sentence or on remand for all kinds of offences from as serious as murder, robbery, and rape to as simple as the offence of theft. After 4 years of running the same programme, COP is now looking into a new programme i.e. introducing a legal clinic for young offenders in the prison. The idea came about when the National Legal Aid Unit proposed to Law Schools throughout the country to start its own Legal Clinic within their area. Thus the survey is conducted to indicate whether there is need for a legal clinic in the prison, and the kind of clinic required. It is hoped that the presentation would bring more ideas and suggestions on the kind of clinic required for this particular group of prisoners.

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