Title of Presentation : What Attracts Law Students to Teaching Law at Schools in Street Law Programme and How Teaching Law Changes their View of Law and Lawyers in Society?

Names of all Presenters : Michal Urban

Short Abstract : Prague Street Law Programme, which enables law students to teach law at Prague secondary schools, has undergone a serious upgrade last year. Prague Law School introduced a sequel to the basic, semester-long Street Law Programme and offered the most successful students to continue teaching law in far more demanding circumstances: they were offered one whole secondary-student class (i.e. around 30 students) to teach for one whole school year.As the first year of this upgraded Street Law Programme comes to an end, it is time to evaluate the experience gained in the first year of the project. More specifically, the paper will introduce results of a research carried out among Street Law students. The research reveals what attracts Czech law students to teaching law at secondary schools, in what way it changes their view of law and the role law and lawyers play in today’s society and to what extent Street Law students consider teaching law in future, even after graduating from Law School.

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